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Joe Beatrice

joe beatrice


Joe Beatrice is the driving force behind Stellum Spirits. Joe's belief in balancing intuition with observation guides the company's perspective on each step from barrel to lips. Stellum is focused only on upwards and onwards for the American Whiskey category, a directional orientation Joe knows well from his years of Mountaineering and Ice Climbing. 

Tripp Stimson


Chief Whiskey Scientist & 

Chief of Distillery Operations 

Tripp Stimson, Chief Whiskey Scientist is unmatched in his ability to blend whiskey using a balance of scientific method and instinctive knowhow. Tripp is the lab coat and the overalls of the Stellum operation. In his spare time he likes to drive four wheelers, but for Stellum he drives the flavor bus.

Will Schragis


Chief Sales Officer &

Chief Product Innovation Officer

Will is not going to sleep very much until everybody knows where to find Stellum Bourbon and Rye. He’s a champion planner, from logistics to whiskey programs. He can also tell you the best place to grab a drink in just about any American city, and the best place to get coffee in just about any American airport.

Nic Christiansen


Blender &


You might find Nic sitting pensively in the blending lab, mulling over twenty options for a single barrel selection. You also might see her drilling into barrels to check on their evolution before advising they are ready to pull into one of our blends. If you see a Stellum shirt racing past you on a mountain bike, that’s probably her too.

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