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Appearance: Golden amber.


Nose: Beautifully subdued nose gently opens up to ripe cantaloupe and the perfume of fresh cut grass. After it aerates, notes of sugar maple and toffee hit the senses with a distant kiss of wood spice and white pepper. 


Palate: Dried apricot and honey immediately find their way into view. This unfolds into Saigon cinnamon and bruleed orange before slowly making its way to subtle notes of grapefruit and jasmine. 


Finish: Finish is extremely long and slowly developed. The back-end jasmine blooms and bursts into rich notes of sorghum and wood tannin before finally dissipating into beautiful dark chocolate.


WITH 3 DROPS OF WATER: The water brings about the riper, more fruit forward qualities of the whiskey and really highlights the floral aspects that were merely an undertone before. And moves the heat from the alcohol from the back of the tongue to the cheekbones. 

The alcohol is present but not overpowering, which for a whiskey of this proof is a testament to beautiful blending. The surprisingly ripe fruit was an extremely pleasant surprise and the finish seemed like it was going to last forever and generally connected to the next sip I took.  This truly is an occasion whiskey to be cherished and savored. @jonnybhoward


This inaugural release of the Stellum Black Specialty Equinox was created using Stellum Bourbon. We slowly layered in rare sets of bourbon barrels, step by step, until the evening of the Vernal Equinox, when the blend was completed in honor of the changing seasons. 


  • ASCOT AWARDS  (2023) - double platinum

  • Ultimate Spirits Challenge  (2023) - 91 points

ASCOT Double Platinum.png
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