we’re flattered to be included in this Louisville Courier Journal article for Bourbon Heritage Month by Dahlia Ghabour.
In Spy.com’s Whiskey of the Week, Jonah Flicker writes, “Stellum is an admirable new entry into the whiskey world, and clearly put together by a team that takes the art of blending very seriously.”
Kerry Moynahan and Philip Dobard of Spirits of Whisk(e)y have BCS Founder Joe Beatrice on the podcast to discuss all things Stellum.
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Gear Patrol includes Barrell Bourbon and Stellum Bourbon on their list of The 19 Best Bourbons to Drink in 2021.
Drums and Drams calls Stellum Rye, “fantastically blended whiskey.”
Stellum Rye wins Best Rye Whiskey of 2021 at the L.A. Spirit Awards.
Brobible reviews Stellum Spirits, calling Stellum Bourbon, “love at first sip.”
Steve McIntosh of Imbiber's Journal reviews Stellum Bourbon, rating it 94 points and saying, "modern in style, but with a core rooted in tradition, this is a bourbon for whiskey lovers."
Eric Twardzik reviews Stellum Bourbon and Rye for Bevvy, noting the minimalist nature of the brand, while reminding readers that it’s “not to say that Stellum’s spirits are ordinary.”
The Bourbon Review includes Stellum Bourbon on their list of Nine New Bourbons to Hunt for National Bourbon Day 2021.
Will Schragis of Stellum Spirits chats with Bourbon Lens about the brand and what the phrase “modern American whiskey drinker” really means.
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Dapper Confidential includes Stellum Rye on their 2021 Father's Day gift guide, saying, "this sweet yet spicy rye is sure to make Dad smile."
Breaking Bourbon reviews Stellum Rye, saying that this release "uniquely finds a place in between bold and complex and is able to carve out a satisfying middle ground it can call its own."
Dan Dunn has some fun with sipping Stellum Spirits with Patti Murin on this week’s episode of his podcast What We’re Drinking with Dan Dunn.
Breaking Bourbon reviews Stellum Bourbon, saying, “a mix of cinnamon and baking spices lands on the tongue, complemented by savory clove.”
Wine and Whiskey Globe reviews Stellum Spirits, calling Stellum Rye, a “real star.”
Drew Beard of Drinkhacker reviews Stellum Spirits, rating Stellum Bourbon a B+ and Stellum Rye an A-.
The Bourbon Daily sips Barrell Craft Spirits and Stellum Spirits on the podcast and shares their notes.
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Man of Many writes about Stellum Spirits in their recent article Stellum Spirits Makes Cask Strength American Whiskey Sexy Again: "don’t be fooled by the pared-down design [...] as these whiskeys still bring plenty of big flavours."
Bourbon for the Masses reviews Stellum Bourbon, calling it "a well balanced bourbon with a lingering cinnamon finish."
Gear Patrol includes Stellum Bourbon on their list of The 10 Best Things We Drank in March:"everything Barrell Craft Spirits touches turns to gold."
Stellum Spirits was featured in Whisky Advocate's Whisky Weekend: "Stellum could easily become a go-to for many whiskey lovers’ daily dram."
Will Schragis, Stellum's Chief Sales & Innovation Officer, joins Bourbon Bytes for an interview about all things Stellum.