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COLOR:  Golden Caramel.


Nose: Very warm, rounded vanilla and butterscotch aromas initially, giving way to honeysuckle and ripened mango.


Palate: Bright cinnamon at first, leading into flamed orange peel, then savory, earthy notes of black plum and petrichor.


Finish: Sweet and upbeat medium finish that tapers off gracefully.


WITH A SPLASH OF WATER: The layer of fruity, floral aromas is activated with a splash of water. The nose gives ripe mango, coconut, and tangerine, the palate is toasted salted cashew and lemon balm, and the finish is longer and leaner, like a walk down a long dock at the beach.


This whiskey is a celebration!  At first nose I thought that oak/vanillin would be the overarching flavor, but this whiskey is so much more than that- it's like a holiday punch with notes of ripe mango, black plum, flamed orange peel, and cinnamon subtly rounded out with subtle butterscotch and sweet white flower.  This whiskey is a lively sipper that gives way to a finish that is thoughtful and gentle with a delicate goodbye.  Perfect to be enjoyed with friends or a good book. @kat1ek


This warm, oak driven bourbon is made in preparation for winter, inspired by the Hunter’s Moon of October. It is marked by a high rye spice and a robust woodiness meant for the time of year when days get shorter and the nights get longer.



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