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stellum spirits

Stellum Black silk julep

A modern and fruity spin on the classic mint julep, Stellum Black Silk Julep includes fresh tarragon and blackberries muddled in syrup.


  • 2 oz Stellum Bourbon

  • 1/2 oz St. Agrestis Amaro

  • 1 barspoon (or 1 tsp) demerara syrup (made using a 2:1 ratio of demerara sugar to water)

  • Several sprigs of fresh tarragon

  • 4-5 fresh blackberries

  • Crushed or shaved ice

  • 2-3 St. Agrestis soaked blackberries for garnish

Start by rubbing a few sprigs of fresh tarragon on the inside of your dry julep cup to release aromatic oils and begin building aroma. Add 4-5 fresh blackberries to the julep cup. Add demerara syrup and @St_Agrestis Amaro to your glass and gently muddle until the oils and aromas have been released from the blackberries and tarragon. Add Stellum Bourbon. Over-fill the julep cup with crushed ice, creating a domed top. Tuck a generous bouquet of fresh tarragon into the glass, then pick 2-3 St. Agrestis soaked blackberries on a cocktail pick and place next to the tarragon.

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